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This subject property comprises 14,373 sq ft of land and 18,046 sq ft in three (3) semi-detached buildings making up this hotel property. The land is delineated as lots 1 and 2 of survey plan G1387 and bounded as follows: North by lands of Stephen King South by Cyrus Street East by land of Spann West by a paved access road. The lot is generally rectangular in shape and has a sloping topography. All surface is readily drained from the site via concrete gutters and there is no risk of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. The property is accessible by a paved road, being the main road in this part of New Montrose in Kingstown.

The buildings on site are of post 1995 construction or renovation. One building accommodates 12 guestrooms on two floors along with reception and manager’s office. The Second building accommodates  a kitchen, restaurant, a bar, dining room, balcony and storeroom.  The third building accommodates 13 self-contained guestrooms on three floors along with a carport, storeroom and a detached laundry.

Overall, the quality of workmanship is of good standard and the buildings are in a generally good state of repair.

This area of New Montrose is an established residential one although there are still some vacant lots. The neighborhood is mainly of middle-income composition and is an urban residential one. As a consequence of its location in relation to Kingstown, all of the amenities of the city are available to he area.  There are adequate pipe-borne water, electricity and telephone services available in the area. commuter transport is available at peak hours of the day although the area is relatively close to capital Kingstown. Additionally, the area benefits from scenic views of the Kingstown Harbor and the hills around Kingstown.

Please contact our Agent Simon Kamara for more information affecting the sale and purchase of this property

(784) 456-9005 / (784) 493-7777 / (784) 528-1616

Address:Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines
County:The Grenadines
State:St. Vincent
Square Feet:18046 sqft
Lot Square Feet:14373 sqft

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